Hospital Zombie


Corpses are like rotten apples – you never know what you’re gonna find when you slice open one. And like spoiled fruit, cadavers are filled with worms, stink fumes and black stuff. But what happens when you open the chest cavity of a body that was possessed by, say, evil? And what if the evil part isn’t too happy about its fleshy apartment being remodeled? You should know this without using your undissected brain pan.


Some squeaky clean med students are given bodies that have yet to be claimed by Dracula or the nearest closest relative. They need to practice their cutlery skills before given a license to overcharge for it. A young woman’s corpse is brought in for boobular dissection. A chick doc-in-training – who looks like Britney Spears (but doesn’t lip-sync her dialogue) – senses something is terribly wrong with this sorta dead person. Her intuition is right on the noodle – evil emanates out of every nook and cranny and kills anyone that comes in contact with its personal space.


Through the long and tedious plot (during which, the chick doc doesn’t take off her clothes), she uncovers the truth. Too late. Bodies and body parts start stacking up like McDonald’s Quarter Pounders™. Where it really gets fun is when two doctors go swimming in a big fish tank filled with formaldehyde containing bodies awaiting the gentle touch of the med student.


Unrest (2006) isn’t scary, but it is icky, the way a spoiled mango is icky if left uneaten for, I don’t know, 103 days.

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