Vacationing Snakes

Snake Island

Stranded on Snake Island, so named because of, you know, a bunch of African Safari tourists hole up in Snake Island Lodge, drink Jim Beam™ as though it were bottled water, and fend off hundreds of snakes.

Snake Island

Snake Island must be a cool place to vacation if you’re a reptile as there are a ton of snakes not indigenous to that part of the world that make appearances. If the scenes of snakes dancing during a house music drinking party doesn’t make you kill your TV, then the explicitly non-graphic attack scenarios will.

Snake Island

Some snakes are real. Some are digital. Some are puppets. All are stupid. Like me for watching Snake Island (2003).

Snake Island

2 Responses to “Vacationing Snakes”

  1. Drinking Jim Beam(tm) as if it was bottled water is not a good idea, unless you are able to remember that the pink green and blue snakes are only hallucinations and don’t really count.

    That last picture is truly disturbing. . .a two eyed trouser snake???

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