Getting Naked For Evil

Nude For Satan

Nude For Satan (1974), or Nuda per Satana for anyone like me who can read, write and eat fluent Italian words/fooda, is an Italy-made horror movie about a well-dressed Old Scratch trapping people in his villa and making them have sex with each other while he watches.

Nude For Satan

Not sure why people fall for this bit as Satan doesn’t exactly look evil, nor does he glow. Hell (sorry), the only power he has besides persuasion is appearing and disappearing in a puff of smoke preceded by a sparking flash. (Think overloaded outlet.)

Nude For Satan

Coffins open and naked chicks come out (one sucking her gut in to the point of cracking her own ribs), as do two guys with rather unusual underpants. (I’ll leave this one to the fashion experts.) Everybody dances like hippies and gropes one another as a leering Satan all but keeps stuffing more quarters in the machine.

Nude For Satan

Two reluctant guests discover the truth about their host and set the place on fire. “You win this one,” concedes Satan before the whole place goes up in stunt flames.

Nude For Satan

Made in the swingin’ Seventies, the special effects (i.e., holiday meal sized meatloaf spider) are right up there with the shag carpeting. But there’s LOTS of nudity, so I’m hoping for a sequel, something along the lines of Bare-Assed Yet Again For Evil’s Sake, or I See London, I See France, Satan Will Pay To See Your Underpants.

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