Work Yourself To Death


A group of employees from weapons manufacturer Palisade Defense are sent on a retreat to learn how to be better team players, one of those ridiculously pointless things corporations do to their workers.


The indoor faces get lost in the outdoors until they stumble across an old cabin, which they think is a test by their boss to team together to get through the weekend. It’s totally not. Someone is in the woods and has glorious grievous bodily harm planned for all. To tell you what happens next would get me fired.


Mixing classic dry British humor with black comedy and measured gore, Severance (2006) is wickedly sharp, funnier than fun all and b-l-o-o-d-y. As several of the team turns up missing, there is no way in hell you can tell where this one’s gonna turn. The last 15 minutes are nothing short of genius (hint: includes two Swedish escorts, a bear trap and heavy artillery). Why are you still reading this? Go out and rent it right the heck now.

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