Death For Dinner

Noriko’s Dinner Table

The weirdly titled Noriko’s Dinner Table (2006) is a prequel to Suicide Club (2002), which had 54 Japanese school girls jumping off a platform in front of an incoming commuter train. As far as their synchronized death leap goes, their form was pretty good. Not quite Olympics-grade, but well executed nonetheless.

Noriko’s Dinner Table

In this follow-up, we see flashbacks of the jump, some over-dramatized knifings, and a lot of yelling. But little else.

Noriko’s Dinner Table

Seventeen year-old Noriko is bored and frustrated with her life and runs away from home, only to be recruited into an odd business that rents make-believe family members to those who will pay for such a service.

Noriko’s Dinner Table

Not sure how this ties into 54 girls jumping in front of a train. There’s an attempt to connect the dots, but I simply could not figure it out. That, and the darn thing runs for nearly three hours. Where’s a train platform when I need it?

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