Zombies Fly First-Class

Flight of the Living Dead

First it was Tail Sting (2001, scorpions on a plane), then Snakes On A Plane (2006, snakes on a plane), now Flight of the Living Dead (2007, zombies on a plane). No word if anyone is gonna make Octopus On A Plane. Because if they did, I HAVE to be in it. No matter, because this movie rocks.

Flight of the Living Dead

A woman is kept in a science box in the cargo of a transatlantic flight. Her body is filled with germs, that if studied, could lead to a new war weapon: a way for military guys who can keep fighting after they’ve been killed in combat. When turbulence causes the science box to open, an armed guard shoots the woman. But she comes back to life and eats his neck. (Snacks on a plane.)

Flight of the Living Dead

He then reanimates and bites passengers and causes a plight on this flight. To, um, juice things up a notch, the plane is flying headlong into not one but two gnarly storms, which cause the plane to rock and roll. Two cops are on board and they smartly use their automatic weapons in a pressurized cabin. The pilot and copilot have been zombified and a military jet is on their six (rear door) with orders to stop that plane at all costs.

Flight of the Living Dead

The blood, neck pieces and explosive violence is wildly fun. Where it really hits the gas is when the airplane door gets opened at 30,000 feet. What happens next is stuff of legend.

Book a flight with the undead – it’s the only way to rack up frequent die’r miles. P.S. I did a shorter review of this a while back, so like, don’t get all up in my cockpit about me being lazy.

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