Making A Ghost Out Of A Ghost Hunter

Death of a Ghost Hunter

Death of a Ghost Hunter (2007) is supposedly based on a true story, wherein a hunter of ghosts gets herself killed by the very thing she does for a living. The very definition of poetic justice.

Death of a Ghost Hunter

Several “specialists” stay in the brightly-lit (albeit haunted) Masterson House, the site of murderous murders and various forms of wrongness. The goal is to solve the mystery of the murders/suicide that went down 20 years earlier, wherein (I just love this word) the mom spilled her marbles and killed her entire family. (The father deserved it, the kids and baby, not so much.)

Death of a Ghost Hunter

Joining ghostess hunter is a young female bible-thumper, a camera-man, and a local reporter who only believes in her make-up kit. Hard sell on the suspense since the movie was shot practically in daylight in an Arizona suburb with cars outside driving by to and fro.

Death of a Ghost Hunter

The ghost’s job is to reenact the tragic murder/suicide scene so as to goon out the ghost hunters. Like you need to be told, everyone dies in the end – then they go for what seems like another hour (20 minutes, give or take), explaining mom’s nutty backstory.

Death of a Ghost Hunter

What, they couldn’t have done that up front to hook our interest instead of selling us on diluted “shock” scenes? The ghosts killed them all because they were bored. With dialogue like “Someone peed on my suitcase,” can you blame them?

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