Manufacturing Death

Death Factory

Most factories make nice things like boxes, flowers and/or puppies. This factory, however, makes a carbonated chemical that mutates the living. No, it’s not Bud Light™. Regardless, I would still like to work there.

Death Factory

An uptight female chemical maker worker gets her DNA in a knot and quits because this isn’t a cuddly animal-making chemical. Too bad she got infected with it before she quit. Her brain gone for a spin around the block on two wheels and transformed into a female Edward Scissorhands with pointy teeth and Goth hair, she makes her way back to the factory and kills everyone.

Death Factory

The place shuts down for some unknown reason. A few years later a bunch of college kids decide to party there because hey, chemicals! According to clichéd horror plot device #101, Deathy stalks the stupid college kids, who by virtue of being stupid college kids, have to die horrible and gory deaths. It’s in the school handbook. Higher education = lower IQs.

Death Factory

Nicely executed (sorry) gore, but Death Factory’s (2002) story line is so hack I could’ve directed it myself. Nice to see bare boobs filling up some plot holes, though. And Deathy is a well-designed creaturette. Too bad she didn’t kill the script writer.

One Response to “Manufacturing Death”

  1. Featuring Ron Jeremy?

    THAT Ron Jeremy??

    I’m surprised (and somewhat relieved) the plot holes weren’t filled with something besides bare boobs!

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