The Dead Eating The Dead

Dead Creatures

Dead Creatures (2001) is a somewhat intriguing story of a group of transient chicks afflicted with a strange disease that makes them decompose over time while still being able to gossip and shop. The kicker is that to stay alive they can only digest human flesh (prepared with a little Hamburger Helper™, to make it palatable). I’m OK with that. I don’t know why.

Dead Creatures

A happy enough premise, but the hard gore has been edited out and how the ladies became rotten is never really explained. Furthering the confusion is a man who apparently hunts down homeless teens, ties them up in his basement, and wants answers. Then he shoots them through the back of the head with a nail gun. You hear it, but you don’t get to see it. Bummer.

Dead Creatures

There’s no build up, no tension, no empathy for the characters whose skin peels off like an old orange and/or mango, no great lines to quote at social functions and/or Tupperware™ parties. Another tragic case of DVD box art being better than the movie it showcases.

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