Sci-Fi Squared


Six people wake up in 26×26-foot square rooms with no windows, coffee tables or recollection on how they got there. (I refer to this as King County’s drunk tank.) They soon discover there are many such “cubes” linked by way of a small portal, accessed through submarine-type doors.


Some cubes are “safe” while others are booby-trapped with really gnarly death devices. (The opening scene is quite picturesque as a guy gets sliced into handy serving portions by a grid of razor-thin/sharp wire.)


Each has a skill that, if everyone would quit pissing and moaning and pool their resources, they could possibly find a way out. There’s a wife-beating cop, a mousy mathematician, a paranoid VD doctor, a lethargic engineer, a pragmatic jail-break escape artist, and a mentally-handicapped guy who can’t stop flicking his own ear. Sounds like the last call crowd.


The arithmetic chick calculates they’re inside an even bigger cube and that there are well over 17,500 rooms in all. And guess what – not one bathroom! Things get deliciously nasty as the uncooperative group tries to figure out how to get out of this Rubik’s Cube of Doom without getting sliced into handy serving portions.

No nudity, but lots of swearing and suspense. Don’t be a square – watch Cube (1997) today.

4 Responses to “Sci-Fi Squared”

  1. Yeesh! That movie sounds kinda like my recurring dream of waking up on an immense Veg-O-Matic(tm)!

  2. Face up.
    And my third ex-wife is standing above me with her hand on the patented Saf-T-Grip.

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