Kids Kill The Darndest Things

The Daisy Chain

Moving to the coast of Ireland to get over some emotional issues (baby daughter died – you don’t need details), Martha and Tomas, pregnant and soon expecting a replacement, are ready to re-start their lives. Martha notices a feral child living in a nearby dirty shack, who runs around and causes the grumpy old neighbor some serious frowning. Named Daisy, this girl has been on her own since her folks mysteriously croaked. That she’s presumed autistic isn’t helping matters. No one wants her, the old fart next door keeps shouting warnings about how evil she is and how we’re all doomed and…

The Daisy Chain

Martha manages to communicate with the girl and takes her in. A little Irish Spring™, clothes upgraded from dirty to publicly acceptable, a little combing to get the ticks out of her long dark locks. Good as new…sort of. Martha tries getting the girl adopted. The case worker’s car goes over the cliff. The neighbor rants about how Daisy is an evil Fairey changeling and gets spit in face by the girl, which causes his skin to go all wax candle.

The Daisy Chain

There is one other scene, though, where the melt-face neighbor tricks Daisy into falling into a pre-made ditch, where he then douses her with gasoline for a little payback. Before he can light the match, he… I was going to spoil it, but I’m feeling charitable for the next few minutes.

The Daisy Chain

As intriguing as the premise is, The Daisy Chain (2008) picks up just enough speed to hold your interest, and then just sits there idling. Daisy doesn’t sprout wings and fly around, spitting on people. No magic or majik. Just an uncomfortable feeling that this kid is gonna do something wicked. But she never really does. Oh, well – at least there’s some cool Irish coast scenery with car-plunging cliffs to admire.

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