Science Sharks

Deep Blue Sea

In a bid to discover a cure for brain defects without using Budweiser™, a team of sea scientists genetically tinker with the thinkers of Mako sharks in order to extract their brain juice for a possible non-HMO supported cure.

Deep Blue Sea

Unforeseen is the nasty side-effect  – the sharks become smarter than the puny air-breathers. They hunt in packs (not six packs, as there are only three of ’em). They formulate strategies. They make dangling limb runs to 7-Ocean Eleven. (Heh.) And they scarf down flavorful humans as if they were popcorn shrimp.

Deep Blue Sea

Trapped in the sinking Aquatica (a floating science facility in the middle of the ocean), the doctors are systematically torn into seaweed as the 25-foot ragged-tooth sharks strap on the feedbag and sit down to a plentiful nine-course buffet.

Deep Blue Sea

Comparisons to Jaws are kept to a minimum (although a chick doctor in stylish panties and bra dispatches one chew boy by using an electric cable, ala Jaws 2/1978), and the human doggy bags are shown being gorged on in all their acting-with-your-mouth-full glory.

Deep Blue Sea (1999) is thin on plot, fat on action and full of lean, mean biting machines. Kinda makes you hungry just thinking about it.

4 Responses to “Science Sharks”

  1. When I saw this I was convinced that if the sharks talked it would have won an Oscar. Tastes like chicken puns and such. Magic!

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