In Your Face, Matrix


In the future, Europe and Asia are kicking each other’s butt cracks over the course of a 50 year war. The result left half the planet covered with irradiated citizens called the Original Humans (found in the Sector 7 aisle at your future supermarket). Poverty, famine, disease… It’s a happy time for all.


Meanwhile, an Eastern Alliance geneticist has been working on perfecting the Neo-Cell, an organism that will cure any disease (like neck herpes) and instantly heal wounds (like a bad chest wound). It will also regrow limbs to be reattached in the event they come unattached. Oops – the missing gene component can only be found in (wait for it) Original Humans, their sworn enemies. Snap!


Casshern (2004) is a pant-mutating marvel; Its staggering vision and visuals are a cross between live action, Japanimation and manga. And they must have found extra colors to make this with as the blood is extra bloody, the machines extra machine-y and the mutants extra mutant-y.


You’ll get lost in the narrative if you allow yourself to be distracted by the shininess (yep, guilty), but the story is epic and the visuals will make your face fall off. Don’t worry – with Neo-Cells it can easily be re-attached.

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