Looking Dead Ahead

The Dead Zone

After coming out of a five-year coma induced by a car wreck, school teacher Johnny Smith (great name – he’ll fit right in) wakes to find his fiancee has moved on and married and plopped out a kid. He also discovers he has post and pre-cognition, meaning when he makes touchy with you, he knows all about your past, present and future. It wouldn’t be good for either of us if Johnny touched me.

The Dead Zone

Sure, he helps people with his gift (people rescued from a burning house, kid saved from drowning, helping cops solve a grisly murder mystery), but he’s shunned as though he were a modern day witch. He kinda is.

The Dead Zone

A chance handshake with a visiting politician reveals the Republican goes on to be elected President of the United States (a fun and relaxing job), and sees him launching a nuclear strike against Russia, thereby bringing on a holocaust of biblically foretold proportions. Good – I don’t like Russia. They don’t know how to spell “soup.” Johnny’s plan is to assassinate the front-runner and stop the future from happening.

The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone (1983) is one of the better Stephen King adaptations, loaded with face-pinching tenseness and flavorful impending doom. Could Johnny (played by the insanely cool Christopher Walken) tell if a Lottery ticket was a winner by touching it? Man, that’d be seriously way cool. Moreso if he taught me how to do it. That would rock.

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