Ghost Car Wash


Years ago, a school bus filled with whatever a school bus carries, is plowed into by a train. No one survived. Publicly-funded transportation SUCKS, by the way. But thankfully the train was undamaged.

Years later it is said that if your car is parked on the tracks, invisible grade-school sized hands gently push your car to safety. Gotta have it in neutral, though, otherwise the ghosts kids won’t be able to put their transparent shoulders to it.


Most regard all of the above as local myth. However, for several including Melanie, a fresh out of rehab teenager, the ghost tow service is real. For some reason, though, a ghost named Julie is attempting to communicate with Melanie. Pick up, b*tch.


Everybody thinks Melanie’s “relapsing” is because of the whole drug thing that left her crack-smoking boyfriend dead and her brought to the brink of joining him. (What an emo douche.) But someone else is sending a signal, too – the mutilated bodies of Melanie’s classmates. How icky is that?


In all fairness, the signs of wrongness do point directly to Melanie. But she still looks too squeaky clean and too wholesome to commit any crime other than having split ends and poor boyfriend choices.

Fingerprints (2006) embodies a few scares (sort of but not really), very little gore, a little boobie showing, and, like the Taco Bell™ El Grande I had for breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner/snack, a predictable outcome.

Standard choo choo doo doo. The ghost kids? Yep, real as you or I. But they keep leaving their grimy fingerprints all over freshly-washed cars. If that isn’t a crime, I don’t know what is.


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