Extraterrestrials vs. Over-Priced Psychiatry

The Fourth Kind

If you live in Nome, Alaska and turn up missing, chances are you got drunk and lost in the woods and eaten by a bear. Or you were abducted by extraterrestrials. I’m split down the middle on this one, mostly due to the alleged true events The Fourth Kind (2009) proposes.

The Fourth Kind

Reportedly using actual archival video interview footage of psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler, whose distraught patients are being visited nightly by an owl (not a real one, but probably evil all the same), we’re led to conclude aliens are probing for something more than oil deep within their personal tundra.

The Fourth Kind

And the recollection of which is so horrifying, they suppress it, thereby causing paranoid schizophrenia. This results in messed up sheets, vomiting towards the floor, and levitating from one’s bed. Might as well throw suicide into the mix as well.

The Fourth Kind

Dr. Tyler has a bunch of patients experiencing the same nightmare. The local sheriff wants Tyler to stop stirring up the bees in people’s heads, as it’s making them freak out even more. But Tyler has her own bees to deal with – a short while back her husband was murdered in the bed next to her, the trauma of which left her young daughter blind and her son full of rage unexpressed rage. (He’ll be OK once someone buys him a toy, something in the $30 price range.)

The Fourth Kind

A clue as to WTF in the form of a tape played back after she fell asleep reveals that while she was screaming her freakin’ head off, another voice – using ancient Sumarian – spoke and did “things” to her body. I’m overflowing with theories.

The Fourth Kind

Up front they tell you they’re portraying a reenactment, mixing footage together split-screen style (pioneered by the 1973 sorta horror movie, Wicked, Wicked.)This is kind of cool and gives the movie a nice creepy “real” feel, but the story unravels to the point where you’re not sure if it really was aliens doing the dirty work, or just a smokescreen for bigger issues, like bears eating drunks lost in the woods. Like I said, split down the middle.


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