Wicked Wiccans

Wicked Lake

Four crazy attractive, modern day witches take off their clothes and pretend each is an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Wicked Lake

Attracting the unwanted attentions of two groups of in-bred/greasy/horny guys, their weekend up at the mountain lake in a nicely appointed cabin filled with wine, music and personal comfort devices, is interrupted by the men wanting to gang date the ladies.

Tying them up and forcing them to perform acts of involuntary kindness on their private parts, the men probably weren’t prepared for what happens at the stroke of midnight. The full moon makes the girls impervious to bullets, knives and insulting language. It also makes them hungry for flesh sandwiches.

Wicked Lake

One guy is impaled to the cabin’s front door where he hangs and flops around every time someone has to go outside. Another guy gets his Oscar Meyer bit off. Yet another is carved like a sacrificial Thanksgiving turkey.

Back in town two detectives are hot on the girl’s tails, uh, trail. They find rotted corpses, human teeth, blood, wee wee stains and other unmentionables that would best be left in a roadside gas station restroom.

Wicked Lake

A ritual has to be performed to extend their shopping hours, so when the cops show up, one gets re-fashioned into being dead, the other tied up and a few of his teeth pulled out with pliers. Cutting him up to extract blood of all things, the cop manages to break free and do a little mutilating of his own. (That stick through the face of one of the girls was one smooth move.)

Wicked Lake

The groovy grue happens towards the end, so you’ll just have to be content with four naked supermodels splashing around the title wet hole in Wicked Lake (2008), making out and touching each others’ lady lumps. P.S. For additional group grope, stay through the credits.

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