Skin Solo

The Haunted Drum

Ping, a clothes-worthy young man in the jungles of Thailand, wishes to be a musician. In other words, he wants to be the drummer for Master Duang’s band. Duang owns a mysterious drum called the Peung Mang. (I would’ve called it “drum.”)

The Haunted Drum

The Peung Mang was reputed to have been made from the skin of a hot chick. If you play the drum right, it kicks out the jams. If you don’t, it melts your face off. Meanwhile, an opposing Master wants a battle of the bands to prove, once and for all, who jungle rocks harder.

The Haunted Drum

During the concert, the skin drum melts the face off its player. So much for his solo. The plan is for the other Master (I forget his name) to hire away all of Master Duang’s student musicians. This would result in shame like you haven’t seen since the original Foreigner broke up.

The Haunted Drum

Ping decides to work harder to become a better musician and save Duang’s band. He also falls in love with Tip, who’s…cold as ice. (Sorry.) Ping and Tip are pretty much the Ken and Barbie of Thailand. She teaches him how to properly play the Peung Mang without getting his face melted off. As well she should – the drum was made with her skin and her soul is trapped within the percussive instrument.

The Haunted Drum

When Muan (hey, I just remembered his name!) gets his group together and steals the coveted Peung Mang, you know some serious duang is about to hit the fan. Even so, The Haunted Drum (2007) is a tedious horror story, low scares, but surprisingly decent gore. But don’t get your hopes up, as this is merely a love story with melted faces.

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