Non-Leak Demon

Lost Souls

When she was a punk rock teen, a bunch of priests exorcised a devil thingamajig out of Maya (Winona Ryder), and made her wash her face. The experience left her with sensitivity to demons (and soap), so the Holy Men hire her to help squeeze the evil out of other unlucky hosts.

Lost Souls

One such guy is a serial killer who just happens to know the name of that who will very soon become Satan himself. Winona/Maya does her homework, finds the Chosen One – and he lives just a few blocks away! How’s that for convenience?

Lost Souls

She slowly convinces the for now non-evil dude that he’s about to become evil, and clues – like pentagrams and “visions” – help persuade the guy to kill himself before the stroke of the demonic hour of 4PM.

Lost Souls

Lost Souls (2000) crawls like a slug, the hallucinations Winona “sees” are cut-rate computer graphics, and there is an irritating lack of skin the way the Lord intended. The ending is a big bummer as well; we don’t get to see the guy transform into something that leaks pus and shoots flames. Is it asking too much of movie directors to show a little leaking pus and shooting flames? Geez.

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