Horror Down The Drain


Something evil lives in the plumbing of a fixer-upper house. Is it a giant hair ball? Is it flushed leftovers? Is it special effects so cheap the producers had to resort to using mere water? (And not bottled, either.)


So, evil water lives in the plumbing of a drabby house needing a reach-around by Martha Stewart. A handful of teens are in this dump, cleaning and mopping and griping. But as the Holy Pine-sol™ works it’s cleansing magic, the water fights back – by getting everyone wet! 


Enter a parapsychologist who happens to be walking down the street and senses the liquid leviathan. He tells the teens that they have to wait until midnight to perform an exorcism. Once midnight strikes, he instructs everyone to lie around a pentagram (part of Martha’s Fall and Winter collection), and begins cussing out the invading spirit. The demon shows up and makes faces and gargles. Wind is blowing indoors – and you bet it’s hot air.


More yelling and screaming and the water is forced back into the gutter from whence it came. Somebody needs to go back to script writing school because the banter between the characters is way more ridiculous than the hokey demon entity.

Drainiac (2000) – yet ANOTHER wallet drainer. Really, I have only myself to blame.

2 Responses to “Horror Down The Drain”

  1. This looks baaaad but your comments made me smirk. Mind if I punt it over to Horrorpedia.com? Cheers, Adrian

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