No Pants For MosquitoMan


A death row inmate being transferred to the electric chair has a date with a science lab. The boys in the laboratory are looking to try out an anti-virus on a human test subject to combat a new bug-borne illness that’s 100 times more powerful than the West Nile Virus and Jagermeister™ combined. The science gas, turns the criminal into a man-sized mosquito.

MosquitoManNot as dumb as it sounds, Mansquito leaks some of his bug goo onto a supermodel laboratory chick whose boyfriend just happens to be a cop – the same cop that busted the criminal in the first place. Coincidence? I think not.


But as Bug Bug escapes into the city to begin his insectoral transformation, the lab chick, having a “not so fresh feeling” day, is slowly morphing into a bug, too. As a bonus, Mansquito wants to mate with her. (It’s not like there are cocktail lounges full of bug women to hit on.)


First he has to suck the life sauce out of a whole bunch of people (i.e., human vending machines). Mansquito slices heads in half at near perfect 45 degree angles; arms and legs are removed from bodies and strewn decoratively around the hospital hallways; the red stuff flies everywhere as if a Bloody Mary being made in a blender on high without the top on.


Mansquito looks goofy cool, except after gorging himself on all that blood he looks like a giant potato with wings. And the laboratory chick does a great bra ’n panties scene, which I found to be surprisingly integral to the plot. In all, Mansquito (2005/aka MosquitoMan) is as smooth as a bug in a rug with a butt plug.

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