Adopting Ghosts

The Orphanage

Made by the same Spanish film director with the really hard-to-spell name that did Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), The Orphanage (2007) revolves around Laura, who as a six year-old, spent her young days growing up in an orphanage (so that’s where they got the movie’s title). She was later adopted, leaving her friends behind to DIE at the hands of a mentally-unwoven staff lady who burned their bodies in a tool shed fireplace.

The Orphanage

Laura (now 37) and her doctor husband buys the orphanage with plans to bring five or six special needs kids to live there under their care. Her own son, the seven year-old Simon (pronounced “Si-mone”), was adopted and is HIV-positive. But Si-mone is playing with his invisible friends and finds out the truth from them that his mom isn’t his real mother and that he doesn’t have much longer to live. Um, oops.

The Orphanage

During a party Simon goes missing, mom freaks out and almost a year goes by with no clues, but she won’t give up looking. She insists there are invisible people living in the sprawling house that might know where her son is. A medium is brought in and in a goose-pimply sequence learns of the fate of Laura’s former childhood friends.

The Orphanage

The husband has had enough of this “ghost-busting” and moves out. Mom stays to invoke the spirits to find out what the darn-tootin’ heck happened to her son. Recalling a game she used to play with her friends, she successfully makes contact with the dead kids and has to follow clues to Simon’s whereabouts.

The Orphanage

The Orphanage doesn’t punch you in the neck with jolts and rot-faced ghosts. But it does make your butt pinch up enough to where you keep needing to “adjust” your under garments. The ending is a double whammy and if you have any heart at all, you’ll weep. But before you wipe your eyes, go wash your hands, because you’ve been rearranging your undies the whole time leading up to what really happened to Simon. Note: This movie is sub-titled, so make sure you know how to read before watching it.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Not directed by Guillermo Del Torro, just produced

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