Happy Hour Fairies

Photographing Fairies

A turn of the Century photographer who loses his wife of 24-hours to a giant crack in the earth and who makes a living out of family portraits (no weddings, though, what with the “new wife just lost” thing) and exposing film trickery of alleged fairies. How these elements are connected isn’t revealed until the lame-ass end. But I digress through run-on sentences.

Photographing Fairies

One day a woman offers a picture of her daughters playing with a fairy and asks the photographer to disprove it. He can’t – and that super ticks him off. So he goes to the village where the photo was shot and discovers the mythical creatures are indeed real.

Photographing Fairies

Since fairies are invisible to the non-Lasiked eye, only by eating a special flower can one enter “slow time” (I call this “g-e-t-t-i-n-g d-r-u-n-k”), which notches down the senses, enabling one to view the speedy little fruit flies. Ironically, he eats the flower while sitting in a pub and drinking a beer and discovers the portal to a new world (I call this “Happy Hour”).

Photographing Fairies

As misleading as this movie title is, Photographing Fairies (1997) does have nice cheese ball special effects effects and a cool psycho performance by Ben Kingsley as a non-believing reverend. OK, I’m off to that flower ’n beer bar…

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