Puke-less Demon


A 20-something German epileptic girl, is thought to be possessed by the devil. There’s a clue in that last sentence as to the cause of her violent mood swings, erratic behavior and the rebellious acts against parents and local church leaders. (She probably huffs paint thinner out in the garage.)


The inspiration for 2005’s The Exorcism of Emily Rose (all of which is allegedly based on a true story), Michaela, the “possessed” girl doesn’t fling evil vomit around like monkey poo in a zoo, nor does she levitate off her bed or make steam come out her kolben (that’s German for steaming b-hole).


Requiem (2006), seems more interested in focusing on Michaela’s attempts to lead a non-demonically-possessed lifestyle than show us anything remotely resembling a special effect. That’s total rückstände, man – we want vomit and we want it now.

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