Scream of the Wolf

Notice the title says Scream of the Wolf (1974), not Scream of the Werewolf. And yet, after a few wolf attacks in the fog-draped Hollywood Hills that left a few people mangled, tangled and strangled, everyone starts talking about how it MUST be the work of a werewolf.

Scream of the Wolf

A murderous lycanthrope running around California makes about as much sense as the L.A. fog that rolls in every night. A former big game hunter-turned-detective is hot on the case. He doesn’t have his head up his own kennel and refuses to believe it’s a werewolf. A mountain lion with a knife maybe, but not a human turned into a full moon-maddened out-of-work actor.

Scream of the Wolf

There is no werewolf or graphic shredding of faces or any bloodshed worthy of a Band-Aid™. And that London-thick Los Angeles fog triggered my allergies for misleading horror movies.

One Response to “Non-Werewolf”

  1. I remember seeing this turkey on TV. The commercials were the best part. It was directed by Dan Curtis, who gave us “The Night Stalker,” “Dark Shadows,” and that little Karen Black gem, “Trilogy of Terror.”
    But then he had to come up with something this craptastic. Not even Mr Phelps, Cheyenne and Nurse Dish could save this one.
    Thanks for resetting my 70’s nostalgia to “reality.”

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