Vampyres That Like To Suck


Vampyres (1974) is also known as Daughters of Darkness. I like DoD better because unless you’re from some weirdo European country, “vampires” should always be spelled with an “i.” Sorry, it’s a universal rule.


An older hot vampire woman and a younger, firmer hot vampire woman entice male type man dudes back to their castle for wine, small talk and flesh pressing. Afterward, to get the stink of sex off their skin, they bite open necks, suck out the man gunk, and then go sleep in the basement.


One lucky stiff (ahem) ends up with the older lady vampire. Instead of killing him outright, she just sucks on him a little, you know, to savor and such. But like me and an open bar tab, he just keeps going back for more.


A vacationing young couple in a trailer outside the castle grounds adds to the frivolity as the gal looks like a lesbian vampire from yesteryear or something. The vampire chicks want her. Probably to hang out and gossip with.


Lots of blood, nakedness and R-rated sex (everything but the good stuff). The worse part happens when people attempt to recite their dialogue, though I’m still p’od off at the police, who interrupt a personal moment between the two lady suckers. Could’a done without all that cop-blocking.

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