Star Wars For 25 Cents

The Last Satrfighter

Alex Rogan, a teenager with big dreams, lives in a trailer in a trailer court. That’s where I’d put a trailer. He plays The Last Starfighter arcade game there, not realizing it was a recruitment device sent to find guys who could handle their own in an interstellar space war between Ko-Dan Armada and the Rylan Star League. (Sounds like an astronomy club bowling team.)

The Last Starfighter

His high score earns him a visit from Centauri, who looks like a 50-something human, but isn’t, and asks him to go for a ride. (Hold your jokes.) Alex is zoomed off into outer space where he is asked to help defend the Galaxy against Xur and his invading alien army.

The Last Satrfighter

So it comes down to this: stay in space, defend the Frontier and get to blast the enemy with lasers shot from his own spaceship called the Gunstar (way cool name – I’m gonna call my car that), or go back to the trailer park and dream of everything except going into outer space to kill stuff. Thankfully, Alex comes to his senses and releases his inner Gunstar.

The Last Satrfighter

The Last Starfighter (1984), a Star Wars (1977) knock-off, is mostly kid sci-fi, but entertaining the way playing a video game is without needing to bum quarters.

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