Ghosts On A Deadline


A gorgeous, but mentally fractured chick writer moves into a remote big house to get some uninterrupted typing done. The place has everything: nicely appointed furnishings, hot and cold running water, a ghost

She hears female whimpering/crying and mysterious bumps in the day AND night. This kinda freaks her out – but not enough to require extra bleach in the laundry, if you get my drift.


Following a pair of wet footprints into an upstairs room, she discovers a box full of video tapes. The videos are labeled: “Lucy Cooking,” “Lucy Putting On Makeup,” “Lucy Eating Brains.” OK, not that last one. But it is a telling tale of the young married couple who lived in the house several years ago…


The husband videotapes everything to one day show their kid – whose only half incubated – how their parents were. (Boring people, from my side of the lens.) The man is clearly the needy and paranoid type and believes his wife has been having an affair. Fuel for the fire. What a stinking coincidence, because that’s exactly what happened to the writer, except she’s been seeing a she on the side.


As the writer chick watches the tapes, she sees the husband force a confession out of his wife, then drag her into the bathroom and drown her in the tub. What are the stinking odds that the exact thing happened to both ladies in the exact same house?

If tepid ghost stories with tepid titles (Deadline/2009) and romance-gone-wrong sub-plots are your bag, I’ll leave it up to you to figure out the ending. Seemed watered down to me.

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