Giant Tropical Spiders


In Arachnid’s (2001) believability-testing opening sequence, a stealth fighter pilot encounters a water spout in the middle of one of the oceans and flies in for a closer look. And by look, I mean to shoot it. This results in Nature winning the skirmish and pilot blows up his very expensive aircraft and parachuting to safety on a small island where he is eaten by a giant something-or-rather.


A chartered aeroplane filled with scientists, island natives, foreign-talking people and the acceptably attractive sister of the eaten pilot also crash land their malfunctioning flying machine on the very same island. It doesn’t take long for Smart Car™ sized insects to turn up and start munching on human flesh.


One guy gets caught up in its web and is injected with some sort of paralysis cream. When the others find him, he’s covered up to the neck in a vaguely familiar white sticky substance. (Could this be one of those porn spiders I keep hearing about on the news?) The spider looks authentic enough, but nothing to write to Spider-Man™ about.


For an alien spider movie, though, Arachnid was quite the yawner. Make movie about a giant demon grasshopper and you’ve got my attention.

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