The Baby's Room

Part of the 6 Films To Keep You Awake series, The Baby’s Room (2006), a Spanish ghost story, finds a young married couple with a factory-fresh kid moving into a new house that, for all intents is haunted, right down to the stylish terracotta tiling.

The Baby's Room

The ghost (a dude and not a babysitter dude) first makes himself known via a hi-tech baby monitor with video screen, sitting by the kid’s crib and freaking out the new parents. So dad buys 20 baby monitors and does a double freak-out – he can’t see the ghost with regular eyes, but he can see and follow the spectre through the video camera.

The spooky guy looks really familiar, though. Could it be dad has seen that face before, like in a mirror, perhaps? (No, that wasn’t a spoiler as far as you know.)

The Baby's Room

Overly long, often cliched and occasionally tedious, The Baby’s Room takes some time to build up scare steam, but has a kinda cool twist the punch line ala The Shining (1980). But I totally get the movie’s message: the best part about kids is making ’em.

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