At War With Bigfoot

Bigfoot Wars

Once Bigfoot Wars comes out on May 23, 2014 , it’ll change the entire film industry. How do I know this? Several reasons. But first, the plot…

Bigfoot Wars focuses on a small-town sheriff who with the help of a “Dixieland Mafioso” family patriarch sets out to hunt a creature that is widely believed to be a myth. They soon find themselves battling for survival as they discover they aren’t dealing with just one beast, but are at war with many.”

Bigfoot Wars

The movie’s title is an ass kick. That is to say it kicks ass. Secondly, they aren’t doing a movie with just one Sasquatch, but lots and lots. My hope is that there are 30 dozen of the iconic cryptid. Even if there’s a mere 100 of ’em, that alone makes Bigfoot Wars the must see movie of the year. And don’t let the fact the C. Thomas Howell, who has been in more SyFy Channel™ movies than me, keep you from seeing it.

Bigfoot Wars, incidentally, is based on the bestselling novels from Eric. S. Brown. I have no idea what the “S” in his middle name stands for. Probably “success.” He’s written more books than a library can hold.

Bigfoot Wars

Too bad I can’t read, because with books titled Space Stations and Graveyards, Season of Rot and Zombies II: Inhuman sure sound like quality entertainment. But hey, I can still watch TV with the best of ’em. Some call it a gift.

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  1. There are lots and lots of them 😉

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