I Dream of Witches

Dreams In The Witch House

In Dreams In The Witch House (Masters of Horror Series, 2005), Walter Gilman is a grad student working on his thesis of inter-dimensional physics. (Hey Walter – I hear Jack-In-The Box™ is looking for someone with your education.)

Dreams In The Witch House

Walt moves into a really cheap (i.e., slummy) boarding house with a weird old guy downstairs, a fat slob landlord, and a single mom hot chick with a squalling brat who cries even louder when a human-faced rat comes out of the wall and starts to nibble on him. What a cry baby.

Dreams In The Witch House

Walter saves the day by fixing the woman’s hole, but inherits the problem in his room, which just happens to be a gateway for a witch who needs a sacrifice of a child to do more witch-y stuff. Of course, being an “educated” type, Walter doesn’t believe in his nightmares or that talking rodent. The old creepy man downstairs does and tries to warn Walter. Yep, not goin’ there, either.

Dreams In The Witch House

One day the gal asks Walter to baby-sit. Guess he shouldn’t have fallen asleep on the job because the kid was taken by the witch and is in the attic somewhere. Digging his way through the wall like a human-faced rat, Walter, confronted by the Demoness, is forced to give the kid a knife nap. Someone should call the school and tell them Walter won’t be coming back.

And the rat? He has one last thing to do – and it’s double icky gross. Probably not for a rat. But for a human, totally.

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