UFOs and Corduroy Sweaters

Hangar 18

When three astronauts on a routine space shuttle mission deploy a satellite and it crashes into a UFO, there sure are a lot of red faces in outer spaces. (Heh.)

The resulting explosion sent shrapnel through one of the astronauts, cleanly severing his head/helmet. I don’t mean to disrespect our space program, but the image of the astronaut’s floating body and nearby spinning head was one of those LOL moments.

Hangar 18

The UFO crashes to Earth where scientists try and figure out where the batteries go. The unsevered astronauts land the shuttle and take off in sweaters and corduroys to find the truth/crashed UFO. Trying to stop them is the evil branch of the C.I.A., who seem to have more expendable agents than satellites.

Hangar 18

The scientists, though, are having more luck, having successfully transcribed alien language, only to find out Earth is targeted for an invasion. We’re safe – once they see our stylish sweaters and slick corduroys, they’ll think Earth is far more advanced, and head to some other drab planet.

Hangar 18

Other than the clothes, the magnificently dull Hangar 18 (1980) should have spent less time on the chase scenes and more time on the spinning severed head.

One Response to “UFOs and Corduroy Sweaters”

  1. One of the all-time mediocre tv-star studded bombs of the late 70’s. Sunn Classic Pictures, responsible for this movie, was more notable for presenting “documentaries” such as “In Search of Noah’s Ark” and “In Search of Historic Jesus,” not to mention a few movies exposing the truth about bigfoot and how space aliens influenced ancient civilizations.
    They even marketed the movie as if it were an expose’

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