Sort Of But Not Really A Werewolf


The chomped-on remains of bums and socialites with matching shoes lead two detectives to slummy buildings in the South Bronx where they discover a pack of wolfy creatures hiding out in-between people snacks. Using Hippy-Scope™ technology, we get to see the colorful and swirly point-of-view through the wolves’ eyes.


The cops set up night vision telescopes in opposite buildings to catch these creatures with their fur down. When one officer aims his scope at his partner across the street, that good choice for a partner flashes him his bare badge. Seeing a B.A. through a night-vision telescope is pretty funny. I’ll have to remember that.


This timelessly hilarious pratfall ends abruptly when Office Pants Down is attacked by the creatures. Too bad – he seemed like a fun guy. When we finally get to see what’s been doing all the killing, it turns out to be real wolves.


Seems the angry animals are pissed because of the poverty poor environmental conditions and are exacting their revenge via an Indian chant or something. This was OK, I guess, and Wolfen (1981) is a creative twist on the werewolf theme. But sometimes you just wanna see a guy in a hairy suit.

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