Leather Werewolves


The good werewolves don’t wanna be werewolves anymore. The bad werewolves want to hunt humans and ride motorcycles. I like where their heads are at.


A child prophesied to end the reign of the bad werewolves is about to turn 13 at midnight during the fours days of the red moon. When he does, his blood –a mix of human and lycanthrope ingredients – can “cure” anyone wanting to be fixed. This means the bad werewolves need to keep that kid from getting pubes.


Humans help the good werewolves by putting them into lock down: strapped and bound when the full moon rises and everyone needs a shave. These friends of skinwalkers will do anything to protect the good werewolves, and take them and the kid to a safe place in a big van that looks like the Mad Max (1979) version of the Partridge Family bus.


The bad werewolves show up in leather and tattoos and guns and shoot up the town, because that’s what they do. When they corner the kid and his mom in an abandoned refinery (with unattended fires burning all over the place), everyone goes into wolf up mode and start biting everything.


Skinwalkers (2006) has zero backstory with which to invest yourself emotionally into this surprisingly lackluster tale/tail. That the bad werewolves look like they just stepped out of a motorcycle shop doesn’t help. And the plot twist is so second-rate as to be copied out of a Werewolves For Dummies book. My suggestion: give everyone squirt guns filled with Nair™ and have at it.

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