Reflecting on Horror


Back in the day the Mayflower was New York’s grandiest of department stores. Kinda like the Titanic, but with shoe sales. Thinking there was someone/something in the store’s fancy haunted mirrors, a mentally agitated security guard lit the entire place on fire with shoppers still shopping. (Too bad the Mayflower didn’t sell Aloe Vera™.)


Enter Ben Carson, an ex-police detective, who takes a job as a night watchman (janitor with a gun) in the burnt husk that is the Mayflower. First night on duty the horror of the fire flares back up. Ben hears a woman screaming, tracks her down in the crispy dressing rooms and yet can’t see her – until he notices her well-done flesh in a mirror. This is good and yet not.


Using his ex-detective skills Ben unearths the backstory: the Mayflower was built over a mental health facility, housing a 12 year-old girl who was the dictionary definition of dementia. Doctors strapped her in a room of mirrors and forced her to look at herself. Nice going medical experts – the mirrors absorbed her craziness.


The evil finally gets out of the mirror, deaths occur, then the hospital gets shut down, the store built, and many shoes thus sold to as yet unburnt customers. You’d think Mirrors (2008) would be over at this point. But one more twist puts a sweet charred cherry on top. Now all Ben has to do is reflect on the outcome. Heh.

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