Haunting Done Right

The Haunting

Two guys and two chicks (one a psychically-tuned smart-mouth girl-preferer, the other so sexually repressed she’s actually scarier than the ghost) embark on a scientific study of a mega huge house haunted by an old sick broad who used to stink up the place with her oldness.

The Haunting

Door knobs turn by unseen hands. Pounding TV-interrupting noises emanate from the walls. Laughing voices trickle from nowhere. (Probably canned ghost laughter from a ghost TV.)

The Haunting

All this surprisingly effective spooky-ass stuff going on and the best line comes from one of the guys making a pitcher of cold booze. Holding a fresh batch of the good stuff, he walks into a room that just experienced a full-on spectral visitation, looks up and notices everybody staring in horror. “What – did I use too much Vermouth?” Classic.

The Haunting

Even though it came out in 1963, The Haunting remains as one of the greatest ghost flicks to ever make us fill, empty and re-fill our pants due to being spooked out ’n stuff.

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