The Day The Laughter Died

Dead Clowns

Back in the good ’ol days a circus train turned into a circus submarine when it went off the tracks and into the ocean, thereby drowning all the entertainment clowns and getting them permanently soaking wet. Fifty years later, the clowns have come back from the dead to eat the guts of the living. Don’t ask me to explain why, just go with it.

Dead Clowns

Interesting premise, but the plot is full of more holes than my retirement portfolio. If the clowns coming back from the dead have been underwater for 50 years, why are their costumes clean, dry and looking like they were washed in some sort of high-priced laundry detergent?

Dead Clowns

And when the zombie clowns attack – practically in slow motion – how is it no one can get away? And why is it when the zombie clowns tear into your flesh and graphically consume your flesh and take some flesh to go in doggie bags, that they don’t go for the more savory buttsteak instead of the less flavorful lower intestines?

Dead Clowns

Dead Clowns (2003) – plus: explicit flesh-eating. Minus: everything except explicit flesh-eating.

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