Weirdo Russian Sci-Fi

Day Watch

Day Watch (2006) (also known as Night Watch 2: The Chalk of Fate), is the Russian sequel to the sci-fi fantasy hit Night Watch (2004) and is as equally as confusing. (I just don’t get sub-titles, man.)

Day Watch

There’s this guy Anton, who is a modern day enlistee in the war between Light and Darkness. He possesses some sort of power to tip the balance of power. Shut up, that was not redundant.

Day Watch

Zavulon is the cheesy named leader of the Dark Others. Anton (his name’s OK) and the good powers of Night needs to get his son Yegor (gonna get beaten up on the playground with a name like that), who is the wild card in this battle, and who Zavulon has all but recruited. Yegor has been f-ing things up as he’s already chosen which team he’d rather play destiny volleyball for.

Day Watch

Bookending all of the above is cars driving across the sides of buildings, an apocalyptic war, snow where there should be no snow, and Anton being able to take over a female body (makes dating a whole lot easier).

Day Watch

Yegor has daddy issues, which paints Anton into a surreal corner, where the forces of Light and Dark meet, greet and dish out defeat. There’s way more to it than that, but I lost track 20 minutes in and just decided to stare slack-jawed for the rest of the movie instead of taking notes. Hey, I freakin’ tried, man.

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