Ice ‘n Slice

Cold Prey

The winterized Norwegian slopes are holiday packed, so snowboarding 20-somethings go off the beaten track, only to have the third wheel single guy break his party leg. Fortunately, they’re near an abandoned since 1975 ski lodge that still has alcohol, food, working power generators, warm blankets and a psychopathic slasher killer dude.

Cold Prey

With a snow storm setting in (right on schedule), only thing left to do is die. Systematically, each of the group is hit in the back with an ice axe by a silent man in a ratty snow jacket and dark goggles. Doesn’t sound like a way I’d like to spend my snowboarding holiday.

Cold Prey

Thinking he hacked the last girl standing, the slasher piles the bodies on a sled and hauls them to a crevice, where each corpse is tossed, like old car tires in a gully or “Texas recycling center”).

Cold Prey

Part Halloween (1978) and part The Shining (1980), there are some ambient moments in Cold Prey (2006), but the gore is sparse, the plot derivative and the nudity nonexistent. And I thought Norwegians were more open-minded about that kind of stuff.

In Cold Prey 2 (aka, Cold Prey: Resurrection/2008), Jannicke, the gal who sole-survived the uncalled for ice axe attack in the first movie, makes it back to town and is brought to a hospital.  Another survivor arrives as well – the slasher she thought she killed.

Cold Prey 2

The hospital lights go out and the entire medical care facility is turning into a morgue, as the killer – quite preictably – goes after Jannicke.

Cold Prey 2

I liked this better when they called it Halloween II (1981).

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