Fuzzy Kitty Gore

Cat in the Brain

Italian splatter movie legend Lucio Fulci starring as himself in a splatter movie, just finished filming a sequence where a man carves out a meaty chunk of ex-girlfriend leg steak, gives it a quick turn on the grill, and eats it. He then chainsaws the rest of his former lover’s nude body for later heat ’n eat.

Cat in the Brain

That’s just the tip of the roast – exposed innards, severed body parts, bare boobies, torture, hallucinations. Fulci throws in everything as well as the kitchen sink, which happens to be two cats hungrily eating brain. Fulci isn’t an actor and wanders around in a daze, mumbling to himself. If a cat ate parts of my brain, I’d behave in a similar manner.

Cat in the Brain

No real plot, but more like a vehicle for the big visual gross out. He shoots, he scores. (I hereby dare you to sit through body parts being shoved into a meat grinder and made into delicious chili fixins.) You might want to stomach Cat In The Brain (1990), if anything, just to say you did. Such is the high price of bragging rights.

Cat in the Brain

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