Bat People

The Bat People

The Bat People (aka, It Lives By Night/1974). Bat people? I don’t think so. Bat person, yes.

So who is the unlucky live by nighter? Dr. John Beck, was on vacation with his new wife in one of those tourist caves where you can go deep in, fart, and hear it echo. (That’s actually pretty fun.)

The Bat People

While looking at exciting pointy rocks instead of feeling up his new wife, Beck’s bitten by a bat. And like being nipped by a werewolf, the doc slowly starts to transform into the movie’s misleading title.

The Bat People

While he spends the next 80 minutes attempting to feed on unwilling donors, none of which die in a gory and graphically pleasing way.

The Bat People

The local ass wipe sheriff gets mauled pretty good, though, which turns out to be the money shot, because when they finally do show Bat Face (in the last few minutes), he looks like a toy bat person. And not an expensive one still in the wrapper, either.

It Lives By Night

You know the stuff that comes out of bats? This movie is a lot like that.

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