Boy Eats Girl

Boy Eats Girl

Oops – mom accidentally killed her teenage son.

Here’s how it all came down: The boy was distraught over thinking his girlfriend was applying the lap vacuum maneuver on his high-school enemy. He has a hangman’s noose in his bedroom (standard issue) and tries it on out of curiosity.

Boy Eats Girl

Before he can get the rope off, mom opens the bedroom door without knocking, thereby knocking the chair from underneath the boy and hangs him. There’s humor in that situation if you just look for it.

Fortunately, mom knew of a voodoo book in the basement of the local church that contains a recipe for bringing back the dead. She retrieves the book, finds the ingredients (freshly-slaughtered chicken necks, diced carrots, parsley, salt to taste) and successfully reanimates her hung son.

Boy Eats Girl

The next day he wakes up apparently as was, but thirstier than all get out. But we know what’s happening – he’s slowly changing into the walking dead.

A confrontation with a school bully leaves a half-eaten hole in said thug’s face. It takes only a few minutes for him to become a hungry zombie. Then he bites some people, they bite some people and soon most of the school is undead. It’s an all-out butcher shop fiesta.

Boy Eats Girl

Say what you will about the believability-stretching plot aspects, the industrial hedge-trimmer body-grinding scene makes weaker plot elements forgivable. Just park your silly brain and let it happen.

Boy Eats Girl

Boy Eats Girl (2005) is a made-in-Ireland comedy horror movie, so all the actors talk like leprechauns. The gore is high-grade and abundant. Irish people really know how to eat flesh.

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