Tree Monster – Branching Out


Not even sure if Winterbeast (1991) is a movie. It jumps from  an opening scene showing a guy with an opening in his stomach where his inner self slides out. Then it shifts to a park ranger who needs to find some guy with a gaping stomach hole.


Then it leaps to a puppet tree monster (made to look 25 branches tall) that breaks through the window of a cabin where a naked chick is taking care of some personal business, and beats her plastic doll-like body against said domicile. And all this time, the park ranger is looking for a bear or something.


A guy catches on fire and laughs. More puppet tree monster attacks. A horned-demon monster refuses to allow a truck to pass by. And just when you think you’ve got some semblance of plot, it pushes you down insanity stairs.


If I took hippie-brand drugs, Winterbeast would probably rock. As such, it just gave me a headache.

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