Schemin’ Demon


Heartbroken, Justin pines for his girlfriend who was taken to the Seventh Layer of Hell by demons. That always happens when you get a new gal, and some guy who’s hotter comes along and chops your beef.


So Justin, using an evil book given to him by his beloved April (the one now curling her hair in Purgatory), draws a pentagram, lights few candles, sits in the magic circle, and calls upon the demon Lo to come before him to assist his passage waaaaaaay down south.


Lo arrives as a wicked cool creature crawling out of the darkness on his stomach. He has no hair, but has hair on him. The back of his is missing, with rocks protruding where brains might normally be on display. He has black stuff all around his mouth, as though he just ate most, if not all, of an evil cream pie. His other sweet tooth is for human flesh. Delighting in the fact that Justin is a newbie demon invoker, Lo refers to him as “Dinner.” That’s pretty funny.


Lo tricks Justin into drinking a cocktail that will allow the human body to be taken into Hell. It’s really a slow-acting poison served with a green olive and poured over ice. Justin doesn’t care – he just wants to see his girlfriend. (Yeesh, talk about whipped.) What happens next is surreal, unexpected and downright smarty brilliant.


You haven’t seen anything like Lo (2010). Don’t go in expecting traditional horror, but savor the way horror is presented in this uniquely creative tale of how love is nothing but Hell. Cool – I just sounded like an actual critic. Look at me, I’m a “film” reviewer.

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