Evil Sex

Satan’s Baby Doll

Despite Satan’s Baby Doll (1982) title (Satan doesn’t appear, he just licensed his name for this production), this half-baked Euro-sleaze tale about sex from beyond the grave does have its rewind moments.

Dad kills mom for sleeping with everybody but him. Geez, lighten up, Francis. Mom returns as a naked ghost spirit that possesses her mega-hot teenage daughter to continue her sexing ways. The uncle is a paraplegic who is attended to (i.e., hand-bathed with the glory of the washcloth) by a supermodel/nun.

Satan’s Baby Doll OK, she’s not quite ordained yet, but she wears the right clothes until bedtime. Then she takes ’em off to reveal thigh-high silk stockings and high heels. No point in adding a bra to this functional yet stylish casual attire.

Satan’s Baby Doll

When possessed, the teen daughter exposes her religion-proof body and wanders around the family’s castle, looking for someone to do. Dad is hooked on drugs, dabbles in the Black Arts, and tries to make it with the nun, but she ain’t having “nun” of that. Heh.

Mom returns from the grave – nude as naked could be – to seduce dad to death. But drugs have made his bacon under cooked, so he has to go away. Too bad he had to die with Mr. Wink dangling through his unsecured bathrobe. That can’t be anything but embarrassing.

Satan’s Baby Doll

Mom, though, wants to pick up where she left off with the nun (aha – that explains the inherently sexy underwear), but needs her daughter’s body to do it. The nun, though, wants to set the daughter’s soul free. To do this, she has to get naked and… I’ll let you connect the rest of the dots. Use both hands.

Satan’s Baby Doll

This Spanish lurid horror sex romp (aka, La bimba di Satana) at least had hot women if not a hot plot. Man, I wish I lived in a Spanish castle with an unsecured bathrobe and supermodel who could assist me with my daily hygiene rituals.

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