Flaunt Your Haunt

House on Haunted Hill

Frederick Loren, millionaire, knows how to throw a party. First, he has five guests (who don’t know each other) picked up and dropped off at his creepy mansion in hearses. Then he offers each of them $10,000 to stay the entire night. ($11,000 if they do it without pajamas.) There’s a catch – the freakin’ place is freakin’ haunted.

House on Haunted Hill

In order to help them sleep better, each is given a loaded gun. So far, so good. Throw in a little booze (what is a personal firearm without alcohol but a harmless party favor?) and it’s an easy eight hours to Spend City. Or is it?

House on Haunted Hill

During the night the guests are made Underoos™-staining frightened by animated skeletons, bodies with no heads (I know, I could’ve used the word “disembodied” here), and one of the scariest floating old women you’ll ever see this week. 

House on Haunted Hill

Horror icon Vincent Price as Frederick Loren is priceless as the manipulative millionaire whose wife is a royal pain in the pocket book. But then that’s why he threw the party – to make everyone realize what a royal pain she is. I totally would’ve shot her with my party favor.

Made in 1959, House on Haunted Hill (1959) thing stands as one of the coolest all-time spookers.

House on Haunted Hill

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