Middle-Class Zombies


The post card worthy small town of Willard looks straight out of the ’50s, with gleaming Packards and Chryslers, gorgeous dress-wearing wives who meet their husbands at the door with martinis, polite kids that could’ve been recruited from Leave It To Beaver (except that Eddie Haskell troublemaker). There’s even classic white picket fences, flower-lush yards and…rotting zombies.


Yep, thanks to an electronic dog collar that keeps them from craving flesh, zombies have been more or less domesticated and sold as butlers, maids, landscapers, paperboys, and even undead milk men. Thank Zomcon for the advancements in science.


After a radiation cloud settled over earth and reanimated the dead, the great Zombie Wars ensued. Mankind eventually won, but lingering radioactivity keeps bringing the dead back to life. Small towns are barricaded behind prison-style chain-link fencing and flourish in the bright sunshine of freedom. (Think Pleasantville/1998 with walking corpses.)


Outside the fence is the Wild Zone where people are banished for breaking the law (walking your zombie without a leash, burying the dead without a special permit, letting your zombie eat your neighbor). Life is good, but zombie gunk is about to hit the fence.


The uncontrolled undead get loose inside the town of Willard. If you think you can predict where this thing is going, YOU ARE WRONG. I would say without hyperbole Fido (2006) is funnier than heck itself.


Great dialogue (“Honey, don’t play baseball by yourself – it just makes you look lonely”) and some satisfying flesh-eating scenes (the Mrs. Henderson blue-haired special) make Fido an ass kick fresh take on the fast-rotting zombie theme. Bonus: the bachelor next-door-neighbor and his love zombie Tammy will have you in sutures.

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