Death Is Calling – Will You Answer?

Final Destination

Boarding a plane on a school field trip to Paris (what, no chocolate factory?), a student gets a premonition that flying isn’t the safest mode of transportation, with the aircraft blowing up and killing them all. I proclaim this scene to be freakin’ amazing.

Final Destination

Gooning out, he and a handful of students get tossed off the plane, only to watch it double explode moments after take-off. If that was me I’d kiss the ground so hard as to give it a hickey.

Final Destination

Not long afterward, the surviving students start dying in seemingly accidental ways. This is because Death, cheated out of grim reaping their lives, is coming to reconcile the balance sheet.

Final Destination

Even though it is a DIRECT borrow from a 1961 Twilight Zone episode titled Twenty-Two, Final Destination (2000) thankfully isn’t one of those mindless “kill teens” horror movies. OK, it kinda is, but not as STUPID as 99% of the genre. You know everyone’s gonna get it, but you don’t know how, which is where FD rocks.

Final Destination

As with the Saw movies, FD’s mouse trap deaths are pure art – and intentionally misleading, which adds more savoriness to the end result. If I explain ’em here, then they won’t have the same impact when you watch it. Speaking of impact, one chick gets a bus sandwich served up old style. OK, no more. You’re simply going to watch this one to see for your own bus-faced self.

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