Canadian Bat-Man

It Waits

A carnivorous monster lives in the woods and slaughters campers/hikers by opening their chests and faces like Jell-O™ snack-packs. Big deal – Bigfoot’s been doing that for years.

It Waits

A sexy, alcoholic chick forest ranger lives with her feathered comfort device (a parrot), thoughts and vodka in a ranger tower. She needed the solitude (and booze) because she killed her best friend while out partying and driving drunk. Guilt makes her reclusive, but not unable to have sex with other forest rangers.

It Waits

But while she’s letting guys explore her mountainous regions, a creature of some sort is making landfill out of backpackers stinking up the woods. That night the monster takes a chunk out of her leg for tasting purposes. He leaves, but will come back when he’s more hungry. (He was full of campers and couldn’t possibly eat another bite, thank you.)

It Waits

The monster in the Canadian It Waits (2005) sprouts huge bat wings and flies off. If I had a red flag, I’d throw it right now; its almost identical to the creature in Jeepers Creepers (2001), minus the hat and pants. Regardless, an inevitable confrontation ensues and two sticks of convenient dynamite solves everyone’s problems. Except mine.

It Waits

And the bird? It’ll probably be back for a sequel once his agent irons out the details and co-producer credit.

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